Hip, Sacroliac & Leg Problems

Your hips are a masterpiece of engineering that chiropractic can keep balanced and alignment.

            Do your joints “click” when you walk?

            Do your feet flare out or in?

            Does one leg appear shorter than the other?

            Do you have leg, knee, buttock, hip or low back weakness or pain?

If YOU answered YES, it’s time to get a chiropractic checkup.

Subluxations are a distortion, jamming or locking of your body structure that irritates, pulls or compresses (pinches) your nerves; unbalances your posture, weakens your discs; stretches your ligaments, tendons and muscles and can upset your general health.

Subluxations are the number one cause to some of the problems listed above and many more additional symptoms.  It is also the number one reason why many patients see Dr. Ram Parikh for chiropractic adjustments and exercise recommendations.


When your hips are uneven, your legs become uneven; one appears longer than the other. More pressure is placed on the long leg when you walk the knees, hips, ankle and feet on that side of your body may show pain and pressure.  This is most noticeable when you lie down and is often used as a chiropractic test along with other orthopedic tests.

Pregnant women make hormones to relax their joints for easier delivery of the baby. However, if their spines are not healthy, instability of the hip (and other) joints may be revealed and may make what should be a joyous time one of pain. Chiropractic care is particularly helpful during and after pregnancy.  Chiropractors have noticed that a properly aligned sacroiliac (SI) joint, hip and spine helps ensure a more comfortable pregnancy and a safer and easier delivery and post-partum recovery.

Since childhood is a very physical time full of falls, accidents and occasional serious injuries, children should have their spines check regularly, including their hips and their leg lengths by a doctor of chiropractic to ensure they are free of subluxations.  Even a stressful birth of a child can damage a child’s spine and body structure and can cause problems in adult life if not corrected.

Other symptoms:

            * Low Back Pain                      * Numbness, Tingling and Cramping down Legs

            * Pelvic Bones Tilted                * Restless Leg Syndrome

            * Frequent Urination                 * Constipation or Diarrhea


Chiropractic checkups should be part of your family’s healthcare regime.  This is especially important for children since sacroiliac and lower back problems may have their origins in childhood.

To discuss your Hip, Sacroiliac and Leg Problems and how Dr. Ram can help, please call 724-284-1111.

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