Mid-Back & Ribs

Rib Subluxations

Put your and alongside your chest and sides and you can easily feel your boney ribs. They wrap around your body from your front to the back.  In the front they attach to your breastbone or sternum and in the back they attach to your spinal bones or vertebrae. 

Ancient anatomists thought our ribs looked like the bars of a cage so they called them, with their attachments, your  “rib cage.”  What is in the cage? Some very important organs are protected there: your heart, lungs, major blood vessels, diaphragm and other structures. 

It’s important to keep this “cage” in alignment and balanced.  A misaligned rib cage can put unnatural pressure on its vital inhabitants affecting their proper function.

Thoracic or Mid-back Subluxations

Thoracic subluxations can affect your heart, lungs and other organs in you chest cavity, preventing the proper draining of lymphatic fluids from your head, brain, throat, chest, abdomen and legs.  Subluxations can also restrict your breathing, and can also restrict your sympathetic nerves which influence the function of your internal organs, senses and brain itself!

Are You Subluxated?

When a thoracic vertebra becomes subluxated, the ribs and the sternum (breastbone) are affected.  Dr. Ram Parikh adjusts the ribs and sternum directly and also adjusts the vertebrae so the connecting structures will then realign.

In addition to the ribs and sternum a thoracic (mid-back) subluxation can affect other parts of your spine.  Your lower back and neck all are connected to the thoracic spine and depend on it for stability, balance and strength.

When Dr. Parikh releases subluxations or spinal nerve pressure in this area the benefits can be both physically and psychologically profound.  Everyone should see a chiropractor for a checkup to ensure their mid-back; ribs and the rest of their body are in proper alignment and balance.

To discuss your mid-back or ribs symptoms and how Dr. Ram can help, please call 724-284-1111.

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